10 Power Mantras To Attract Happiness and Self-Love

We become what we think of most and most of what we think of are...words. When we speak, we make powerful declarations of what we want and what we think we already are.

Saying things out loud can not only help us become crystal clear on what we want, but can also make our manifestations become more powerful and fulfill themselves quicker.

The more you tell yourself something, the more likely you are to believe it and become it. On the adverse, you can also become what you don’t want. For example, if you say or think “ I am fat” every time you walk past a mirror, you will begin to believe this about yourself and more often than not, you will probably begin gaining weight.  Regardless of how many diets you try or how much you workout, believing that you are fat will always lead to the same results.

Let’s dig into a little scientific background - shall we? Mantras (also known as affirmations) are a form of auto-suggestion that can be practiced daily and that reinforce chemical pathways in the brain which strengthen their neural connections.

The more you tell yourself “I am happy”, the more you begin to generate a neurological response that creates more of that feeling and thought energy.

Find a quiet, comfortable space to speak the below mantras out loud. For busy gals on-the-go, this might be your car or your bed right before you go to sleep - anywhere that allows you to be free from distraction, and in the moment. Choose two or three mantras that really speak to your soul and keep them nearby in case you need a quick reset throughout the day.


1. I love myself no matter what

2. I accept abundant love, happiness, and positive energy into my life

3. Everyday is a new beginning

4. I find happiness everywhere I go

5. Life is amazing

6. I accept myself deeply and completely

7. Everything I need is already within me

8. I am open to receiving love and happiness

9. I am at peace

10. I am happy, healthy, and safe