Meditation for Beginners (An Easy 5-Step Guide)

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Meditation is one of the most integral ways to relax your mind and connect with yourself and your higher power.

The idea behind meditation is not to have the perfect ritual or to replicate the same meditation every single time. The time that you set aside for meditation is specifically for you to grow and become more aligned and centered with who you truly are, what you want and how you can make the most out of the present.

Before starting your meditation it might be helpful to activate your body by taking part in light exercise, a quick yoga session, or even a light walk around the neighborhood or your office building. Awakening all parts of your body can help with maintaining circulation and will make your body feel lighter before commencing your meditative practice.

Also, be sure to put your phone on airplane mode before starting. There is nothing worse than being interrupted from reaching a higher place by an unnecessary text alert. Unplug!

1. Sit in a comfortable position on a cushion, yoga mat, or comfortable chair (with a straight back), while wearing attire that supports mindful movement and relaxation (like these amazingly comfortable and socially responsible yoga pants!)

2. Feel relaxed in your sitting posture and place your hands on your legs, or clasp together gently.

3. Most choose to close their eyes to keep from the distracting nuisances of the surrounding environment, while others may want to keep their eyes open and rest at a soft gaze; both approaches work!

4. Begin to focus on your breath and maintain an even rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. Some like to say the words “In” as they inhale and “Out” as they exhale. This makes it a little easier to focus inward and dismiss the thoughts of everything going on around us.

5. It is okay if you find that thoughts keep arising and cluttering you mind. Simply push them away like soft clouds and return your focus to your breath. Try not to fight your thoughts - instead, let them come and go as they please while you simply observe and continue to focus on your breath.

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Practicing good meditation for 15 minutes per day can make a huge difference in how you interact with others throughout your day, and boost happiness.

Much like working out, meditation takes practice, so don't expect to be the star athlete, the ultimate meditation expert, from the get-go. Over time, you will realize how peaceful you are while deepening your meditative practice.

Day by day, we work to change our hearts and minds in an effort to become more centered, less anxious, and not distracted by external vices. Meditation and mental relaxation is the key to transforming our hyper-stressed selves to confident, relaxed, and joyful individuals. 

To do so, remember to remain consistent, via focus and determination, in the deepening of your practice.