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write an encouraging message to an abuse survivor, and we will give you free leggings.

who “she” is

“She” is one of many courageous young women who have survived sexual abuse and have begun a journey to heal, develop skills, and build a better future.

Alana Athletica’s humanitarian partner, Emerge Global helps these women get back on their feet. When writing this encouraging message, you will be supporting a young Sri Lankan woman enrolled in the Emerge program.

why this matters

why this matters

We can’t tell you everyone’s personal story, but we do know that enduring any form of abuse can make it difficult to feel worthy of love and belonging.

In Sri Lanka, a woman is raped every 90 minutes, but an alarming 97% of abusers face no consequences. When reported and prosecuted, court cases take an average of 5‑8 years to complete, and if the victims are under 18 (which is 84% of all abuse cases), they are placed in shelters while their court proceedings come to an end.

Our goal is to not only help these women survive, but to empower them to thrive.

making an [impact]

making an [impact]

We want to show these women that they are cared for by showering them with as many encouraging messages as possible.

When we come together, our voices are louder than those of their abusers.

By writing an encouraging message to our survivors, you are showing them that their lives matter, that their stories are relevant, and most importantly - that you care.

who "she" is

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